Monday, August 23, 2010

Lesson 1: Learning to do things alone.

So, moving to a new city has made me learn a lot of new lessons already, starting with, how to do things alone.

Now, I'm not just talking things that I am able to do that I used to get help with like moving heavy things or  washing clothes that I don't know how to wash, but I am talking about fun things.

I never really have done fun things alone, because I have always had someone to do them with.  Its been fun going to do things alone.  I have been to several museums and to Eastern Market twice alone.  I have found many perks to this:

I can stay as long as I want at the booths/paintings that I like.
I can completely skip the ones I am uninterested in.
I can stay as long or as short of an amount of time as I would like.

I love it.

But, its also been great having as many friends here as I do.  Lots of hang out time, and lots of friends coming up here soon.  I am VERY excited to move into my place this week. YAY! I'll put pictures of the house as soon as we move in!

paella that stewart, ellison, jd and I made this week

the swans!

the view at jd's

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